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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sliding While Intoxicated

Recently there’s been discussion in the news with two words appearing in the same sentence: Waterpark and Alcohol.

I’m confused. Why is this even a discussion? Nothing screams “LIABILITY” louder than handing a supervising parent or adult a cocktail in a place targeted at children with basins of water everywhere.

This isn’t Spring Break. This isn’t Cancun. This isn’t lying on the beach all day with a book. This is a family place, with nonstop water activities, slides, rides and things involving water. It's also a place that requires safety, reading the rules and remembering to follow them.

Now, I’m sure these parks aren’t encouraging patrons to get sloshed at the bar and then pass out in the lazy river. But lifeguards have enough on their plate making sure people bobbing up and down in the wave pool actually do bob back up, without having to wonder who’s inebriated on their inner tube. And then there’s the fact that these parents are also expected to watch their children among all the frenzied activity of the waterpark.

Just like beer and liquor don’t mix, neither should waterparks and alcohol.

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